Decentralized finance in Our Lives

Decentralized finance is an ecosystem of financial applications that are built on the basis of blockchain networks.

The purpose of this system is to create an open and transparent ecosystem of financial services that is accessible to everyone and works without interference from any authorities.

DeFi in the Crypto Market

In recent years, decentralized finance has become a major player in the crypto market. Not only ordinary users, but also investors began to be interested in them.

This area includes several areas. These are trading exchanges, loans, insurance services.

One of the representatives of this market is the Wellfield company. Let’s get acquainted specifically with the directions of the DeFi sphere through specific products of the company.


For DeFi to develop successfully and gain global acceptance, their platforms must be secure, easy to use and easily accessible. Wallets play an important role in this.

MoneyClip is an application that allows you to monetize users using various financial products and services independently, without trusting it to third-party companies.


Decentralized protocols have in their base a set of financial instruments uniquely designed to increase liquidity. Seamless platform users can use these financial instruments to increase liquidity and volatility benefits among crypto assets. On this platform, this is done through financial instruments such as hedging, trading, and risk reduction products.


One of the advantages of decentralized finance is the ease of access to financial services for everyone, even those who are isolated from the current financial system. Another advantage is the interoperability of applications based on public blockchains, which can lead to the emergence of completely new products and services.

The applications do not require the participation of third parties or courts. This reduces the cost of providing and using products, and allows you to create a more trouble-free financial system.


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