Proxy Server for Earnings

Every day, conversations about earning money on currencies of various kinds on the Internet are becoming more frequent. In addition to brokers and owners of mining farms, users are common who are ready to perform the simplest operations or tasks for a reward in cryptocurrency. Despite all the prejudices, the cryptocurrency has proven itself as a reliable and promising investment of effort and time. German data center proxies allow using proxies to simplify the process of earning by means of completing tasks and collecting rewards on various sites specialized in cryptocurrency mining.

To begin with, you can use this service of free proxy trial. During this period, you can check the proxy for availability, country, speed, anonymity, type. To do this, for example, you can use a special program called checker.

Proxy checker can:

  • checking IPv4, IPv6 for country affiliation;
  • determining the type of HTTP/S protocol, SOCKS5 and the current speed;
  • checking the anonymity of the address;
  • group, high-speed multithreaded proxy check in 64 threads;
  • the ability to upload a list and upload the test result;
  • convenient output of results using the display filter.

Checking a proxy through a checker has a number of advantages:

  • It is possible to obtain detailed information on each server – speed, PING, anonymity level, proxy type, as well as geographical affiliation (country and city);
  • The output of the checker’s analytical data is fine-tuned and allows you to export only the part of the results that you really need;
  • You can use a free checker.

Now you know what to use the free proxy trial for and will profitably take advantage of this opportunity. Use this free period only for the benefit. Test all the parameters that you will need to work with the proxy later.

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