ShapeShift integrates with BitGo

Bitcoin wallet BitGo, protected multi signature technology, teamed up with the exchange of virtual currency Shapeshift, so customers can instantly share digital money.

Merge allows users to change BitGo, send and receive alternative digital currencies, supported by Shapeshift, without leaving the purse, it was issued by the two companies in a press release. The process becomes easy and fast.”With just a few clicks BitGo customers can now instantly transfer the bitcoins to any alternative digital currency!” – Said Chief Executive Officer BitGo Mike Belshe. Share and transfer digital money by using the new service was simply explained in the video that have published firm. First, you must download the app to your ShapeShift purse BitGo through «Apps» tab. Then you need to choose an alternative cryptocurrency, specify purse address that will transfer, and the amount of Bitcoin. The right amount of bitcoins will go to your wallet, and the recipient will have the appropriate amount of the desired cryptocurrency. ShapeShift Integration c purse BitGo is a new step in the collaboration between the two companies. Earlier SpaceShift integrated service “Instant” Company BitGo, which confirms the transaction in the Bitcoin immediately after its conclusion. Without this service, the process of confirming miners, the transaction takes about ten minutes, according to the firm’s website, and this can lead to substantial delays for businesses involved in bitcoin industry.

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