The Safety of Bitcoin

Digital currency is now increasingly more popular. Today, we know Bitcoin. This digital currency is used for money transaction digitally through internet network. Actually, it arises many pros and contras. There are also some advantages and disadvantages of this digital currency. There are many people who feel worry about the safety because it is not controlled by government or institution. So, in this article, we will discuss about its safety.

Where is The Coin Saved?

There is not government or institution that control Bitcoin. That is why the safety is questioned. However, actually you do not need to worry about the safety. The coin, the transaction, and the benefits are saved in the Bitcoin wallet. It should be installed on the computer first. After it is installed, you can use it easily. However, you have to be careful because it the wallet will be lost if your computer is broken. So, you need to back up periodically into some devices.

Why Are People Interested in Bitcoin?

Today, you can find that there are many people who are interested in Bitcoin. It is not because of any reason. The good currency should not be controlled by any government or institution. So, it will be universal. In addition, there 2 most interesting features that you will get. The first is the anonym feature that does not allows other people to trace your identity so that it keeps your privacy. The second one is the low administration fee that is almost 0.

Who Launched Bitcoin?

This digital currency was created with minim process. The miners used sophisticated computers to find Bitcoin new block. Today, it has been spread with maximally 21 million of BTC so that there will happen inflation. There are also some benefits that will be gotten for those who can find the new block for some coins. In the past, it offers 50 BTC whereas now it offers 25 BTC per block. That is why Bitcoin is more popular now.

Is Bitcoin Safe?

After knowing the discussion above, we can conclude that this digital currency has open source system. It creates the feel of worry for many people because it is possible to be collapse. In fact, this system has been reviewed by many profession and they do not find weakness in Bitcoin. So, it can be concluded that this system is really safe. Therefore, you can consider doing transaction through this digital currency.

Description: Bitcoin is saved in the Bitcoin wallet in your computer. The safety makes many people interested in it. So, you can also consider doing transaction using it.

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