Where can I spend Bitcoins?

Since its inception Bitcoin has attracted attention of the world – the absolute anonymity of payment transactions, easy to use, all-time high rate of sales. Authorities of developed countries have responded to the new economic phenomenon in different ways: in Russia you can be criminalized for using this electronic money, the United States and European law enforcement agencies are not put pressure on entrepreneurs so much so people begin to sell real goods for virtual coins. Below you can find a list of the trading platforms that are actively taking Bitcoins actually equating it to the dollar and the euro.

1. American online shop This shop sells household appliances, household goods, home furnishings, clothing and jewelry. is one of the largest American online stores. It is located in Utah. This is the first retailer in the world that began accepting Bitcoins. Huge online supermarket offered its customers to pay for the furniture, jewelry, electronics and vehicles using Bitcoins as well as Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. Company Bitcoin has become a mediator in all transactions store, engaged in the processing of payments and their further transformation.

2. Sacramento Kings basketball club They sell tickets to NBA games and related products. American basketball team Sacramento Kings is the first sports team that began to use Bitcoins – it is possible to get tickets for the match SK or buy club’s souvenirs. Popular company BitPay will execute transactions. Press office of Sacramento Kings noted that the new currency will make shopping safer and faster, and significantly save time.

3. Internet auction site eBay Web site sells ability to pay for foreign transactions. The first reports that the world’s biggest online auction will begin accepting Bitcoins appeared in November – President of eBay John Donahoe made this statement. On 10 February 2014 the British division of eBay opened a special category of “virtual currency”, providing an opportunity to compiling listings in currency Bitcoin, as well as its derivatives – Coinyes and Dogecoins. Note that a user can only add to the price lists of virtual currencies, and offer them as a form of pay for foreign transactions – buying through eBay has still to be paid in the national currency. Nevertheless, the company promises to conduct transactions in Bitcoins in the near future. In addition, the management of service plans to launch its own currency.

4. MalwareBytes They sell antivirus equipment. MalwareBytes is one of the most popular in the West anti-virus vendors equipment. Company began to use online currency as payment. This step is fully consistent with the official policy of the company: MalwareBytes – one of the biggest suppliers of antivirus software for personal computers and portable gadgets that supports the policy of online anonymity.

5. Online shop Hypebeast The shop sells clothing and accessories. One of the most interesting Western online shop Hypebeast has recently announced that it begins to make payments for purchases in Bitcoins. According to the brand list stores, the interest in street culture and well-known policy of supporting artists, graffiti and anonymous hackers, this decision was justified and expected.

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